Small pets and animals for sale in Hays, KS

Cute little male hamster comes with handbuilt cage and all accessories including food
Rehoming my 1 year old female holland lop mix to a good home! Getting ready to move out of the state and want her to get settled in to her forever home! Her name is Beans, and she is very freindly and loves to roam around the house. She is potty trained if you leave her litter boxes full of aspen here and there for her to go potty in. Some of her favorite snacks are bananas and spinach and she ...
I have a 5 month old male albino guinea pig that will come with full sized guinea pig cage, 2 hidys, toys, water bottle, food bowls, treats, two half bags of food, Timothy hay, and I will throw in romaine lettuce and strawberries I just bought on feb. 21. He is an absolute sweetheart when being held and having floor time. He likes other animals big or little. Asking a $50 rehoming fee as he wil...
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